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Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/08/23

Featuring Asia, APAC, iGNANT, UK...

August 23rd 2019 | 860 readers

Your press review from Quantaneo

The future is in Asia! Not just in quantum computing, because the Asian continent is the world's largest in terms of GDP, with $32.78 billion. Universities of the APAC region and their graduates could be the big winners of this new global hub. They are increasingly ranked at the international level. In quantum computing, the work of several Australian universities is frequently cited. And China, although more discreet, is one of the pioneers in the field.
Choosing to continue your studies in the APAC region may be the best option for a young scientist.
In England, the problem is different. This is London centralism, which we also know in France with Paris; unlike countries such as Germany and Spain, which are a little more decentralized. Accenture conducted a survey of English employees in the field of advanced technologies. Based on LinkedIn data, 37% of the 422,000 targeted employees report that they are based in London. This centralization makes hiring more complex for companies located in other cities and raises the cost of living in the capital. In terms of quantum computing, Manchester and Bristol are the most demanding, after London.
Movement modeling is one of the problems that quantum computing could help to solve. Airbus, Volkswagen, are working on the subject. The Berlin-based company iGNANT combines technology, art and design. She offers us a well-illustrated article on quantum computing and mobility. To read and admire. Their objective: to demonstrate that the transportation revolution will not be achieved without technology and design.

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