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The BCG synthesizes a first overview of quantum computing ecosystem

Excellent and synthetic topography of the quantum computing market published by the BCG (Boston Consulting Group).

April 19th 2019 | 1833 readers

Photo by Zoltan Kovacs on Unsplash
Photo by Zoltan Kovacs on Unsplash
Four market segments: hardware, operating system, application system, and services. And four profiles of providers: the leading vendors from traditional IT covering the four segments, hardware manufacturers and operating system layer suppliers, application software publishers and service providers, and finally the hyper-specialists from only one of the horizontal layers.

Thirty-five quantum computing providers are listed in this first version, which we hope will be updated in real time or almost.

The only point of disagreement is that the BCG seems to anticipate that hardware and operating system specialists could seek to extend their offer to application software and services. It seems to me that the history of traditional computing shows us that system software and application software are two different markets and that it is difficult to be a leader in both areas. Oracle would be the exception to this rule, which is leading in both databases and business applications. But SAP reigns supreme in the enterprise application segment, when IBM or Microsoft have been more successful in the lower layers.

A reference panorama to keep on the top of your desk, taken from the full report published by the BCG: The Next Decade in Quantum Computing.

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